Nordika’s Quest

Nordika Tyrsdottir as an adventurous little girl felt a calling to go on a quest. She knew this quest would instill wisdom, give direction, and provide strength to lead. She and her faithful dog Hammer traveled the globe in search of answers. In Nordkapp, Norway while feeling a little beaten, the answers would soon be revealed. An elderly woman mysteriously introduced herself and handed Nordika the map to Ivald’s treasure. Nordika and Hammer followed the map, answered the clues, and found themselves in Trondheim, Norway. Here they dug for nine days and here they found the treasure chest Skuldar. On the chest in runes was written: One shield maiden in the lineage of Tyr will protect our ideals of exploration; for without exploration, knowledge stands still. Inside the chest, Nordika—the rightful heir—found the weapons and equipment needed to pursue this mission of exploration. Inside, partially damaged scrolls revealed that Nordika Tyrsdottir is the one. She is queen of exploration, the finder of knowledge, protector of canines and educator of the Nordic way.

Nordika reads the treasure map that could change her life forever.


With strong determination and the Viking spirit,

Nordika and Hammer press forward.

The two arrive at the base of a colossal mountain

which carries a mystical aura.


They dig in hopes of finding the answers to their quest.


The sky tears into a fit of rage as Nordika finds

the treasure chest of the Viking Drummer.


Nordika places the new found helmet on her head.

The helmet was said to be worn by her once mighty grandmother,

Erik the Red, and Thor himself.

Nordika feels the power of the VIKING DRUMMER!